Full Swing KIT Golf Launch Monitor

Connect to the most powerful launch monitor experience in golf with the Full Swing KIT, tried and tested by Tiger Woods

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is engineered with the most advanced radar technology and a high-resolution camera to give you 16 points of data and video to see your swing in perfect clarity. Tested & trusted by Tiger Woods, made for everyone.

The Most Innovative Launch Monitor

Tiger asked for a launch monitor, built to his standards. Innovation led to unparalleled processing power, absolute accuracy, and even more features than he could have imagined.

On The Range

Compact, durable, and built to move. No stickers or alignment sticks are needed to get the data you need to improve.

Video Capture

See your swing in perfect clarity with our camera providing you 1080p video of your swing, sent to your phone or tablet.

Try Before You Buy

Request a time to try the Full Swing KIT Golf Launch Monitor at our Experience Center in Southfield, MI.