Control4 homeowners enjoy a streamlined service that is personalized and available for any home, size, or budget. Control4 is a smart home operating system that can help to enhance your life whether it be in terms of safety, entertainment, or accessibility.

Safety – With Control4, you can access your entire home with the touch of your phone, iPad, or remote. This also includes the locking system for your front and back door. While also giving you the ability to open and shut the garage. We’ve all been there… you’ve left the house and can’t recall if you’ve locked the front door. Simply open the app, ensure the door is locked and allow Control4 to put your mind at ease.

Another safety feature with control4 includes the home security system. From your phone or iPad, you now have the ability to check security cameras if any movement is detected. Whether it’s an intruder, a pesky Raccoon, or a package delivered to your front porch. Control4 is here to streamline your safety.

Entertainment – Control4 enables innovation to streamline all entertainment services. With Control4, you can instantly check each room throughout your house. This includes your home’s lighting, blinds, television, volume, sound system, and more! This helps to simplify everyday life and bring convenience to everyday tasks. Furthermore, not only does Control 4 streamline electronic devices throughout your household. It also works with thousands of consumer electronic devices from the world’s leading brands. This includes brands like – Dish, Roku, Apple, Netflix, Sony, Samsung, Blue-Ray, and beyond. All from the same handheld device.

Accessibility – With Control4, you now have the ability to access all aspects of your home from your phone, iPad, or remote. Giving you access to a faster, more fluid, and intuitive product to help you save time and make your day more efficient. A simple press and hold on the Control4 device elevates your favorite apps, so they are always one click away. Whether it’s one connected device or a thousand, Control4 gives you fast and easy control over your entire home. While also being optimized for every device.

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